Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Flood of Noah, Bodie Hodge

This interactive, colorful book explores the legendary flood of Noah with historical facts, world wide legends, lore and myth and beautifully illustrated fold-out pages. Children and adults alike will be fascinated by this book. It is one that will be revisited many times over. The accuracy and truth of the biblical accounts of history, especially Noah's flood, have been long debated by the secular and Christian world. Some have written off the biblical account is mere fiction - a good childhood story of judgment and salvation. However this book lays out the evidence of the flood as presented through many different cultures across the world. It is amazing how very close the different legends and stories and histories of these cultures are. Each one pointing to the accuracy and truth of the bible. Wanting something that challenges your children? Wanting something that counters the secular view? Are you a skeptic of the bible and wanting proof of the truth in it? This book is one that will lay to rest a skeptic's thoughts and bring to light the truth of this historical account of the greatest disaster this Earth has been through. Pick up a copy and be amazed. Sit down with your children and explore the myths, legends and stories that have been passed down from ancient civilizations across the world. See the world suddenly come together in one great and epic story - The story of judgement and Redemption. Thanks to Master Books for this review copy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Get To Know Apostle Paul, Nacy I Sanders

This is an excellent addition to any library! Although this is designed for children I think most older kids and adults would enjoy it. I appreciated the fact that it is so durable - the pages are thick and hard to tear. This makes it attractive to me because I have 6 children from 13 years to 7 months and this book stood up to all of them using it. I will be using this book in our home schooling. It is easily broken up by chapters. Each chapter has highlighted words that have a definition in a box at the bottom. This makes it easy to assign vocabulary or spelling words. It also makes reading easier - since the definition is right there on the page. Every page has some sort of color photograph and other commentary boxes. This serves as great conversation starters when discussing the chapter. With this resource children are able to see that Paul was not only a writer of scripture but he was a real person. I believe that this will increase a person's love and understanding of the bible. It will also bring to life the people of the bible. Children will begin to see that the bible is not just stories on a page as they study the history and learn about the archeological finds. Thanks to Zondervan for this review copy.

It's Not Greek To Me, Todd Friel

Interested in getting more out of your bible studies? Interested in learning a new language? Here is your opportunity! This new dvd is the perfect answer for anyone wanting an easy introduction to the Greek language. Although this is geared for high school students and older my younger kids enjoyed it. Todd Friel has such a dry and quirky sense of humor that almost anyone would enjoy the program. I have had experiences with other language Dvd curriculum and found the instructors to be boring or robot-like and my children did not want to study the curriculum. This was not the case with this program. We have not yet finished it - because we are doing lots of review and taking the course slowly. However, I do not have to drag or beg my children to sit down and watch the lesson then do the work assigned. Friel presents the language in an easy to understand and interesting way. The children are excited to learn something new each time we sit down to watch. I would recommend this not only for home school purposes but for anyone of any age who wants to enrich their bible study and their appreciation for the scriptures. It is amazing how much richer scripture is when one has a basic understanding of the language and history of the time. The Greek language is extremely deep in meaning. I want to thank MasterBooks for allowing me to receive a copy of this curriculum for review in exchange for my honest review of the product.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Finding Spiritual WhiteSpace, Bonnie Gray

Bonnie Gray has written a book that is applicable to almost everyone I know. Though not everyone has had a traumatic childhood we have all had trauma of some sort. We have all been pressed down on, pulled at, driven to our knees. In her book Bonnie addresses the very real need for finding time to rest. I am a mother of 6 small children, a Pastor's wife and Sunday School teacher - and I home school all 6 of my little ones. I have to have things written in my calendar or they do not get done! Down to grocery shopping and voice lessons. I keep track of a million little things not just my own things but everyone else too. For me the idea of rest is a nice thought - but where do I squeeze it in? This book was a welcomed read as it lays out practical ways to find this rest and journalling prompts and activities to try. I am going to be sharing this with all my other mom friends and girl friends. In today's hectic busy world we all need a lesson on how to make time for rest. Thanks to revell for this review copy.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Raised, Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection; Jonathan Dodson, Brad Watson

The title caught my eye when I was browsing for books to review. I am always interested in books that take a skeptics stance and answer the questions most asked. I especially liked this book because it was not too long - so it would not be intimidating to a new Christian or to a non-Christian who had questions about the resurrection. In fact this is an excellent book for a Christian - it adds to the foundation of faith that they already have. Divided into 4 smaller sections this book addresses the questions and doubts surrounding this extraordinary event in history. I loved the section about how this event shapes and changes human history - the world. This one event shook the World and has been the single event that everyone in the world knows about and still ponders. I thought the authors did an excellent job and stayed close to scripture. This is a great book for those who love to study apologetics. Thanks to the publisher for this review copy.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Need Some Help Here, Kathi Lipp

I so can relate to the cover of this book! We recently moved into a home that has an upstairs school room/ class room. I am the mother of 6 children - 4 of which are boys! I think those two sentences leave little room for explanation of why I could relate to the cover of this book. I was asked once about motherhood - I told the young girl asking me that motherhood was a season of "undone" things. I explained that everything we do (dishes, laundry, cleaning, baths, etc) is undone as quickly as we can get them done. However, in this season of exhausting work there is extreme blessings. Kathi Lipp has written a book that will uplift the weary, worn-out, down and defeated feeling mom. In the pages of this book Kathi gives great practical advice about motherhood and how to not just "survive" but thrive in this season of work, and fun. I loved the fact that her writing style was so personal; giving the reader the freedom to breathe a sigh of relief as they realize they are not the only ones that face these trials of motherhood. It is in a woman's make up to look at other women and compare themselves - do they measure up as the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the best house keeper? Yet the truth is we all struggle. We all have less than perfect days. We all lose it some times. We all have children that are wild, crazy and not the poster child of perfection. But we also can have hope, peace and joy in the time because we have the Lord - and He has perfectly equipped us each to be the mother of our children. Thanks to Revell for this review copy.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Women of FOrtune, Kellie Coates Gilbert

Okay, honestly I found this a little bit difficult to read. Maybe it was because it opens up with a family that is so wrapped up in their wealth that they do not even see the real world around them. Or maybe it was the entire plot that was hard for me to get into. The first few chapters focus on developing the back story of the main character, Claire. She is a wealthy woman who does not bat an eye at dropping money for anything that her heart desires. Her children are ungrateful, hateful and prideful. Her life is one of ease and her attitude is a little snobbish. However, that all quickly changes when her husband is arrested and sentenced to prison. Yes, that world of ease and luxury is quickly smashed into a thousand pieces. Within a short amount of time Claire loses it all, her standing in society, her money, her home and her family. The man that she adored and put her trust in was behind bars and she was left alone, despised, forsaken, cast out and broke. At first it appears that this will be a story of a whimpering rich woman turned poor; but then it turns into a story of a woman who overcomes and turns her life around. Though few of us could directly relate to Claire as far as the money and wealth - many of us could relate to having a crisis that changes our life. Claire must decide what matters most in life and how to protect those things. Good character development and plot development is evident in this book. And though it was a slow start I can say that over all I enjoyed this book. I am anxious to read new work by this author. Thanks to Revell for this review copy.