Monday, October 20, 2014

A Promise To Protect, Patricia Bradley

Exciting. Terrifying. Breath-taking. Frightening. Filled with twists and turns that will leave you on edge and turning pages as quickly as you can finish one. This is a book that you will stay up late trying to finish and will have to be pulled away from when it is time to put it down. Bradley has expertly written a book that draws the reader in. There is enough action in buildings blowing up, cars exploding and other things to keep a man's attention and to keep a woman's heart racing. Sheriff Ben Logan is the hero of dreams. Quick, strong, attractive and kind, he is just the knight in shining armor you would want on your side fight for you. Stunned by a call from Leigh to protect her brother Ben finds himself reliving a past romance that ended in heart ache and pain. However, he soon finds himself protecting Leigh and her young son. Little does he know that the secret Leigh wants so desperately to protect will change both of their lives and the dreams that they had in place. This book will keep you quickly turning each page. Anxious to figure out the next twist and turn. Thanks Revell for this review copy.

Lights Out: Living in a Sightless World, Travis Freeman and Rebeca DeBoard Seitz

I was so excited to get this review copy. The movie did not come to a theater near us in North East Texas so I am anxiously awaiting the time when it comes out on DVD. This book is the story of the man whose life and accomplishments inspired the movie 23 Blast. The story begins in the present time and goes backward to tell about Travis' miraculous birth and childhood. Eventually bringing the reader to the time a vibrant, active boy loses his sight. This book is filled with the evidence of God's amazing grace and His wonderful plan inter-woven in pain, discouragement and ultimate victory. This will inspire those who face obstacles in life to hold on to the promises that God has given us. Take a moment to study a book that will forever change your life. You will be inspired to reach further, dream bigger, and fall into the amazing promises of God. Thank you to Glass Road Media for this review copy.

Playing by Heart, Anne Mateer

This was my first Mateer book to read. I have to say I enjoyed the simplicity of the story. This book is written in the first person, alternating between Lul Bowman and Chett. Following her dreams Lulu is set to continue her college education and do something great. However, one phone call changes everything. With one call she packs up her dreams for a while and heads to Oklahoma to help her sister Jewel. When she gets to Oklahoma she finds that the only teaching position is for art and basketball two things that she does not even deem to be subjects of study. Her only hope of learning the new game of basketball is to turn to the boys basketball coach Chett. The only problem is that Chett is handsome, single and very likable. So the stage is set for romance and love. What will happen between these two? Thanks to Bethany House for this review copy.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Stolen, Katarina Rosenblatt, PhD

Oh wow. This is a harrowing tale of pain and redemption. I had to remind myself to stay calm when I think about my children. I am like most people, I want to leave this problem to foreign countries, big cities, and far places from my East Texas home. But the truth is that it is every where. The fact that we live in a highly technological world makes it all the more real for every one. I would like to thank this author for writing this book. Though the truth of this painful thing is hard to swallow it is something that must be acknowledged. Thanks to Revell for this review copy.

An Insider's Guide to Spiritual Warfare, Kristine McGuire

This author speaks from the point of a person who once walked in the enemy's camp as a friend. She is the converted who know intimately and personally how the enemy works and what he is after. I found this book to be fascinating and sobering. I appreciated the fact that Kristine talks about the importance of knowing the enemy and not giving him too much credit. I also appreciated the fact that she warns against the extreme of seeing the enemy every where. Practical. Short. To the point. This book is great. Thanks to Baker Publishing for this review copy.

Breathing Room, Leeana Tankersley

Motherhood is supposed to be a joyous journey of giggles, hugs, cuddles and memory making. We are supposed to have days filled with clean houses, dishes done, children who obey. Yet that is not how it turns out at all. No mother expects to find herself distraught over loads of laundry undone, or dirty dishes, or children running around....yet the truth of the matter is many of us have found ourselves in just that place. The place where we just want to hide in the furthest corner of our closet. Where we want calgon to take us far far away. Breathing room is a book that brings us back to a place of calm and relaxing. A place where we realize that we are not perfect, we do not always have it all together, and we are often our own worst enemy. Leeana has written a poignant book, a journey in her life, a walk in another's shoes. She has exposed her deepest feelings, her lowest valleys, her worst self-conversations. And in doing so she has offered hope, inspiration and encouragement. This story, this book, takes the reader to a place where they can see God's grace, love and mercy in action. Thanks to Revell for this review copy.

Setting your Church Free, Neil T. Anderson and Charles Mylander

Neil T. Anderson and Charles Mylander address a "biblical plan for corporate conflict resolution" in this book. I can find no fault in the way they say to address conflict. I appreciate that Anderson continues to write books that address hard topics and topics that others avoid. As sad as it is the fact remains that often church is a place of conflict, back-biting, and hurt feelings. Though church members ought to love each other and seek to serve each other this is not always the case. Anderson has written a book meant to help leaders identify then deal with certain types of conflict. This is done in the hope that this will bring a unity and peace to the congregation. I would recommend this book to any leader wanting to bring more unity to their church. There is a time to address sins on an individual basis but there is also a time to address corporate sins and problems and root them out of the corporate body. Thanks to Bethany House for this review copy.