Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Desire, Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley

Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of Dan Walsh books. Everyone that I have ever read has been filled with emotion and with the presence of God. This book is not different than any other book from this author I have picked up to read. I think the biggest difference is that the book is like a look back on a journey that changed the life of two women. The heart break of infertility hit too close to home for Michelle and Allan. She is broken and longing for a baby of their own. Although he loves his wife he understands that God has given them the opportunity to help children in Africa. The two struggle through the ups and downs of emotional trials. Michelle desperate for a change, Allan okay with the status quo. Both know that something must give, that they are at a breaking point - but both hope that it is not their marriage. Little do they know that the scripture of Jeremiah 29:11 holds true in all cases. That God in fact does have a plan for them and that the plan He has in place for their lives is greater than they could have ever imagined. In fact this plan goes past the two of them and changes the lives of others. Deeply moving, deeply emotional. Get ready with a box of tissues - especially if you have ever walked the road of infertility and felt the aching of the heart that comes with that road. Thanks to Revell for this review copy in exchange for my honest review.

Nowhere to Turn, Lynette Eason

Yes, Lynette Eason has done it again. This author never seems to fail when writing a novel that will deliver suspense and action all wrapped in on great read. This is a book that is very difficult to put down so I suggest a weekend read that can be enjoyed without interruption. An abusive husband and a wife that is afraid for the safety of her son set up the story that will keep the reader anxious at every turn to find out the conclusion. When Danielle Harding decides to run from her husband she does not expect that he will mysteriously die that same time. Strange - but then again - could this be just the blessing that she had hoped for? Coming home under the false hope that in fact she is finally safe - the real action and terror begin. It turns out that her husband had been involved with some not so good people. In fact that he had stolen something from some very interesting people, and these people want it back. Running becomes her only option. With no where to turn she seeks help from Adam Buchanan of Operation Rescue. Will she ever be truly safe again? Well - I guess you will have to jump into this story and ride the roller coaster of emotions to find out. Thanks to Revell for this free review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Spiritual Warfare Jesus' Way, Larry Richards

Over the years I have amassed a number of books dealing with spiritual warfare, prayer and even the deliverance ministry. A subject that some delve too deeply in - to the point they see demons every where, yet many also are the other extreme - staying too far away from understanding it to be prepared for attacks. Larry Richards has written a short concise book dealing with the subject of spiritual warfare. He acknowledges that "spiritual warfare is a complex is a complex and often overlooked aspect of our Christian faith" (page 9; Preface). He then goes on to show how a Christian can recognize a spiritual attack and then how to combat it. I appreciate this book in the fact that it approaches the topic from the teaching, life and ministry of Jesus - How he dealt with the spiritual world. Too many Christian are not proactive in spiritual warfare for what ever reason. I believe the primary reason is that they are ill-informed and because of that they are a little scared or put off by the subject. This author has done an excellent job at exposing the truth of scriptures and how to apply them to ones life in daily spiritual warfare. Thanks to the author for this easy to read and understand book. Thanks to the publisher for this free review copy.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wherever the River Runs, Kelly Minter

A few years back I went to a bible study and the key song was written by her, "This is My Offering". This song is on a cd that is no longer available - so I copied the words, folded them up and placed them in my bible where I take them out to read them. I have read other books written by her, but this one is different. Like that song tugged at my heart and broke me before the Lord - this book does the same. In fact this song resonates in the pages of this book. On the surface it is a simple story about a people that have been forgotten. A humanitarian evangelical adventure to reach the lost with the gospel. Minter does an amazing job of bringing the Amazon to life. Her descriptive ability is amazing and it does not take much to imagine walking in this jungle. But there is more to this book - and the author who penned it. This book is about living your life as a beautiful offering before the Lord. It is about surrender to the Power of Christ, to opening your heart, soul and life to the truth in action of the gospel. It is about a woman who knew the gospel, prayed the gospel and taught the gospel - and more powerfully through her journeys she experienced the gospel and lived it. And - living the gospel in its fullest is too often not done. In our Western world we are comfortable with our religion, comfortable with our churches and their programs. We are complacent in our evangelism, complacent in our Christian walk. We have too often boxed in the Lord's power, silenced the Holy Spirit and relegated miracles to those that belong to a charismatic movements. We sit stoic in our worship services, we walk blinded to the hurting - and all the while we justify it with the fact that we are active in our local congregations. Too often we simply go through the motions of this faith we say is life changing, failing to tap into to the full life-changing power of the blood of Jesus. Minter encourages the reader to see with the eyes of Jesus and respond with His heart to the hurting people around us. She engages the reader with a people who are not afraid of miracles, expect great things from a God who created all and never box Him into a certain confined set of religious protocol. I will say I wanted to go to this place, but then through Kelly Minter's own testimony and the moving of the Holy Spirit - I was convicted of the fact that remains. The God of the Amazon is the God of America. It is the willingness and obedience of the people that call Him God that makes the difference. So I walked away from this book with an ever deepening appreciation for the song Kelly Minter wrote - now if I could only get my hands on the cd so I could listen to it in the car. Seriously, though, our lives are beautiful offerings and powerful tools. Thank you Kelly Minter for this beautifully written book and for reminding us all of the power of God. Thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Jesus Code, O.S. Hawkins

52 questions from the bible - questions that define our faith and beliefs, questions that Jesus asked. This book is something I would highly recommend for someone interested in apologetics. In 52 lessons this author presents a question then the answer using the bible. These answers are extremely thorough though not too difficult for a person to read and understand. I believe that the purpose of this book is to prepare a person to be able to defend their faith. It is also good in the aspect that these are questions that Jesus himself asked and therefor are central to a believers life. I would approach this book as a year long study. Taking each of the 52 questions for a week at a time. This would give the reader time to re-read the section written by O.S. Hawkins. The reader would also have time to prayerfully consider the impact of the question and answer as applied to their own life. The final reason would be that in the week long format a person has time to study, think on and put into memory the question, answer and application of the Word. A well-written book excellent for study, growth and learning. Thanks to Thomas Nelson for this review copy.

A Light in the Wilderness, Jane Kirkpatrick

The cover is enough to make you want to pick this book up for a read, but then the read itself is better than the cover. Letitia, a freed American slave, clings to the papers that declare her freedom. Though she can not read the words they are etched in her heart. This sliver of paper is her freedom, it is her proof that she belongs to no one. But that paper does not ease the battle of proving that she should be free. It does not stop the mistreatment, the misunderstanding, the rudeness and hardships she will face - but it reminds her that there is hope and something better. Stepping into a new life throws Letitia into a friendship with two other women from very different backgrounds with very different lives. On their individual journeys to new homes and new futures they find themselves bound together. All trying to settle the past and all trying to make a future. Suspicion, heartache, pain these things melt away as these women forge a friendship that will forever change their lives. Pick this book up, then pour yourself a glass of iced tea and curl up for a good read. This author has created a story that will draw you in. She has created characters so filled with life that they seem to leap from the pages and embrace you. As a reader the emotional thread of this novel will draw you in and you will contemplate the injustices and experience the grace. Get ready, get set, go - - - For an adventure of friendship, forgiveness, and coming to terms with the past in order to create a future. Thanks to the publisher - Revell for this review copy in exchange for my personal unbiased review of the book.

What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days, Holley Gerth

A person can't help but feel a smile spread across their face the minute they pick up this little book. Perfectly sized to slip in your purse - it is like a cup of encouragement on those rainy days when your heart is heavy. Women wear many hats and are under tremendous pressure - this is not to say that men do not face the pressures of todays world - but simply that women feel the emotional pain of this pressure. There is always something to live up to, some disappointment to overcome, some task yet unfulfilled, some dream left unlived, some pain to get past, some hurt to forgive, and the list goes on and on. 52 to devotionals, 52 weeks of the year, 52 subjects that are close to women's hearts around the world. Finally, 52 invitations to meet the Father, experience His love, know His peace and hear His voice. 52 moments alone, 52 times in prayer. 52 weeks to contemplate and put to heart the devotion for the week. Holly Gerth is known for her compassionate heart and encouraging words - here it is on best display. Easily carried in a purse or in the glove box, or stashed on your night stand - this is a book that you do not want to miss out on. I will be purchasing these little jewels as gifts for the women in my life - a cup of joy in their deserts. Thanks to the publisher Revell for this complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.